What We Do




Vita believes that the best way to combat hunger and climate change in East Africa is to support families as they build sustainable livelihoods. This means ensuring that they have food, energy and water security while reducing the drudgery of collecting water and sticks, particularly for women and children. Liberating families from drudgery allows women to allocate more time for farming or earning money and keep their children in education longer. As a team, we have developed core skills in these areas as well as critical collaborations to ensure that these communities have access to the best knowledge and information available. 


Vita’s research-led approach and ability to transfer research and technology into use is central to our programme strategy. We are collaborating with Teagasc, the Irish agri research agency and Wageningen Univerity in Holland to support three Ethiopian PhD students who will bring a wealth of knowledge back into their communities. Our dairy, potato and hybrid maize projects in particular are research driven, and this real life application is proving to be transformative in the lives of participating farmers. 

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Our programmes and projects create social, environmental and financial impact on the communities in which we work. Understanding and measuring impact is a critical aspect to our work as from this, we can learn and improve. Our potato farmers have seen yields increase on average by 300%. Our Green Impact Fund supports projects to reduce carbon emissions while enabling people to access sustainable, safer cooking energy and clean water, and provide access to renewable lighting through solar lamp kits.


What We Do

Vita engages in a number of programmes and projects in the developing world, with the aim to deliver sustainable livelihoods to rural communities.