Water is Life

IMAGINE a life where you don’t have access to clean water – for drinking, washing and cooking?

IMAGINE if your only source of water was filthy, and shared with all the local livestock?

IMAGINE you and your children had to walk miles each day to fetch clean water, or spend hours gathering wood to boil the dirty water?

IMAGINE how frustrating it would be if there was a water well in your village but it was broken and nobody had the spare parts to fix it?

NOW IMAGINE if you could bring clean water to hundreds of people in East Africa?

Hansu Emhatsion is married with six children and lives in the village of Adi Kieh in Eritrea. Her local water pump was broken and she spendt at least three hours a day, every day, fetching water from a neighbouring village. The water was not clean for drinking and needed boiling. Often, her older children had to skip school to help carry water. But not anymore!

Together with its partners, Vita has repaired the local water well. The well has a separate water spout for animals, so that there is no risk of contamination. Members of Adi Kieh village have also established a community water user group to ensure that the well is always protected and properly maintained. “Almost 500 hundred people live in this village, so you can imagine the amount of time that it will save. This is time we women can spend making baskets to sell so we have more money for food. It is also much healthier because our children often get sick from drinking dirty water.”

Vita is working with local communities to fix more wells, and ensure that they have access to spare parts and the skills required to repair and maintain them going forward.

Hansu Water means Life in Eritrea for Hanus