Vita Publications

Vita believes in transparency and financial accountability. As such, Vita encourages the sharing of resources, knowledge and best practice. 

Therefore, Vita provides its annual financial statements, annual reports, its Programme Statement of Strategy, as well as a number of internal reports, academic publications and useful links.

Vita and its partners have also published a number of studies and reports based upon Vita’s work, which can be accessed online.

Vita Accountability and Financial Statements
In order to fulfill Vita’s commitment to accountable and transparent development, Vita’s annual Financial Statements are provided.
Vita Annual reports contain information about Vita, its work, supporters, programmes, operational partnerships, and financial statements.
Vita Strategy
Vita has spent the last year in a consultation process with our Board, staff and stakeholders to define our strategy for the next five years.
Vita strives to develop and strengthen research linkages, particularly regarding impact, accumulation of evidence, and lesson-learning in programme and project cycles.
Screen shot of newsletter 2018
You will read about our latest cross border resilience project in the Omo River Delta
In this edition of the Newsletter you will find out about the work Vita is doing to fight climate change and hunger in Africa.
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