Vita Partners

Vita Partner Benefits

Becoming a Vita partner allows for organisations, communities and individuals to become informed and engaged in issues of development affecting millions of people.

There are a number of benefits to become one of Vita’s partners.

The first benefit of becoming one of Vita’s partners is that staff, family members and customers of our partners are informed and engaged about the wonderful potential of Ethiopia and Ertirea, as well as the impact of Vita’s work on the ground.

Secondly, Vita is a registered charity, which enables tax efficient giving for our partners.

Thirdly, partnering with Vita is an easy and accessibly way for companies or organisations to contribute to their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With public and private sector organisations increasingly involved in CSR, Vita offers an opportunity for your organisation to get involved in innovative international development projects and programmes.

Additionally, a partnership with Vita allows for companies, groups and organisations to host events, raising the profile of both parties. Events, such as the Great Ethiopian Run, are hosted by Vita, and allow for increased understanding of Vita’s work and the challenges faced in the developing world.

Finally, partnering with Vita allows organisations to take part in development work through exercising expertise a partner may have. Vita is always on the look out for innovative and eager new partners. If you, your company or organisation are interested, do not hesitate to contact Vita through email at or by phone on +353 1 873 4303.