What we do


Research and technology transfer

A research led approach is key part of Vita's Programme Strategy whereby we strive to engage science and research into development and leverage the full value of research into use. This is demonstrated through our partnerships with Teagasc, CIP, Wageningen University and other institutes both locally and internationally. 

Where appropriate, Vita aims to utilise new research in projects and incorporate applied research trials into its projects. To add value to its interventions, Vita promotes in-country linkages from research through extension systems to farmers, building on Irish experiences at Teagasc.

A successful example of Vita’s pursuit of research-led development is the tripartite PhD programme, organised by Vita, Teagasc and Wageningen University. Three full-time PhD students are funded by the project, and are all focused on different aspects around potato production. The three PhD candidates are:

  • Waga Dersseh
  • Yennenesh Gebresilase
  • Abdulwahab Abdurahman