Our Approach and Values

Vita is a small, smart, successful Irish NGO working with the world's poorest people in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Established in 1989 under the patronage of Mother Theresa, Vita is a non-governmental organisation enabling the rural families in these countries to achieve sustainable livelihoods via integrated water, household energy and agriculture programmes.

Our Vision: Thriving rural communities in Africa providing access to services, markets and sustainable livelihoods for all.

Our Mission: Bring innovation to rural families so that they can have the skills and means to lead healthy and productive lives. 

Our Goal: To improve family nutrition and access to affordable food, water and energy for three million people by 2020 and millions more through partnerships.

Results Driven: Vita applies a results-based management system, in adherence with Irish government standards for development projects. Evidence of results is mandatory in all areas of our work. 

Values: Inclusion, Enablement, Sustainability & Accountability

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