How We Raise Funds

Vita relies on a number of sources for its funding. Together, these funding streams help Vita and its partners to implement programmes and projects.

Institutional donors, such as Irish Aid and the European Union, represent the largest sources of funds. Their donations allow for the running of wide-scale programmes such as the Potato Centre of Excellence, amongst others. The Sisters of Mercy Western Province are long time supporters of Vita and the Sisters of Mercy Union UK are also now funding programmes.  

Donations from individual or corporate donors also represent a considerable share of Vita’s operational finances.

Legacies represent a small but generous portion of Vita finances.

Our charity shop in Kilkenny brings in a steady flow of income, and helps to co-finance the programmes and projects in our partner countries. The people of Kilkenny have generously supported Vita through the Vita shop for over 25 years. 

Finally, a number of staff funds donate generously to Vita, and allow us to expand and run projects. These include:

  • Bank of Ireland Staff Fund
  • Ornua Staff Fund (previously Irish Dairy Board) 
  • Dublin City Council’s Staff Fund
  • Combined Services Third World Fund
  • Avolon Care Fund
  • Electric Aid (Esb & EirGrid Staff Fund)

For a complete list of Vita's current partners, click here.

If you would like to make a donation to Vita, click here.

The Sisters of Mercy Western Union with the Vita team