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Our Approach and Values

Our values revolve around inclusion, enablement, sustainability and accountability and this is imbedded into every aspect of our work. Our community led approach to projects ensures that nobody is left behind. Our ethos is to enable people to manage their own development, while we support them to achieve sustainable livelihoods. 

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Where We Work

Vita’s work began in the Horn of Africa over 20 years ago. Today we operate in Eritrea and Ethiopia, two developing countries with tremendous potential.

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Vita Publications

Vita believes in transparency and financial accountability. As such, Vita encourages the sharing of resources, knowledge and best practice.


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Vita Trustee's Report & Financial statements 2015.pdf

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Growing the Potato Crop By John Burke Read about the launch here 

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How Vita Raises Funds

Vita relies on a number of sources for its funding which enables us and our partners to implement innovative programmes and projects.

How We Raise Funds


Vita’s Team


Vita is governed by a Board of Directors. It employs six full-time staff in Dublin, and 0ver 60 in sub Saharan Africa